25 June 2018

Choosing the Perfect Sheen for Your Home or Business (Video)

Choosing the perfect sheen for your home or business can be a very difficult decision. For example, some sheens will highlight undesirable surface conditions, while providing better functionality, such as scrubbability, while other options will help mask those imperfections that you’d rather not be seen. In the video below, Hunter discusses the 6 different typesRead the full article

30 April 2018

Choosing Paint Colors (Video)

If you feel stressed out choosing paint colors for your home or business, you are certainly not alone. That’s where we come in. At CertaPro Painters of Louisville, we have plenty of experience with choosing paint, and we’re here to take that burden off your shoulders. You’ll love working with our Color Consultants! As aRead the full article

17 April 2018

Choosing the Right Ceiling Paint for Your Home or Business (Video)

Choosing ceiling paints can be a difficult task, and there are a handful of factors to considering before making a decision. From tintable paints to flatter options that shield imperfections, the paint selection process can be stressful. That’s where we come in, the ceiling painting professionals of CertaPro Painters of Louisville. In the short videoRead the full article

10 April 2018

Best Paint for Brick and Masonry Homes – Regal Select High Build by Benjamin Moore (Video)

“What is the best paint for brick and masonry homes?” Regal Select by Benjamin Moore also comes in a High Build, making it the perfect paint for masonry and brick surfaces. The High Build version is a bit more substantial than the rest of the Regal Select line, and the low lustre provides an angularRead the full article

28 March 2018

Exterior Residential Painting Products – Aura by Benjamin Moore (Video)

“What is the best exterior paint?” Aura is Benjamin Moore’s premium exterior paint product, featuring their Proprietary Color Lock technology for richer colors and superior fade resistance. While it comes at a steeper price, Aura was designed with the ability to hide and cover previous paint jobs with fewer coats than the competition. Typically, you’dRead the full article

23 March 2018

Painting Trim – Windows, Baseboards, and Doors

ADVANCE from Benjamin Moore is a modified acrylic and is considered a high performance trim paint.  It is both sand-able and self-leveling, making it a great paint option for cabinets as well (kitchen and bathrooms). Benjamin Moore’s ADVANCE is considered a hybrid acrylic due to how hard it dries. Benjamin Moore also offers an ADVANCERead the full article

19 March 2018

How to Choose the Best Paint – Ultra Spec by Benjamin Moore (Video)

With so many different types of exterior paint on the market today, it’s important to ask the following questions prior to starting your project: How many applications will be needed What types of surface conditions are optimal for this paint What types of preexisting conditions can this be applied over What should I expect withRead the full article

08 March 2018

Primers, an Overview, Part 3 of 3 (Video)

So, you’ve made it through the first two segments of our 3-part series on primers and are now looking for that final tidbit of information that’ll tie it all together. Well, look no further. In this final video, Tommy talks about a handful of different types of primers, each of which have been designed forRead the full article

28 February 2018

Zero VOCs and Primers, Part 1 of 3 (Video)

Zero Voc Primers have become increasingly more common, especially in hospitals, nursing homes, and homes with small children. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, which are chemicals that let off gasses that can be harmful to people and the environment. And because of that, the government now regulates paints with VOCs. These volatile organic compoundsRead the full article

21 February 2018

Using a Three Coat Paint & Primer System, Part 3 of 5 (Video)

In order to achieve a consistent sheen on interior and exterior surfaces, a sufficient film build up is required. Using a primer to seal the substrate and start a paint build is an efficient and effective use of man hours and materials. Primers are chemically designed to bond to surfaces along with providing strong adhesionRead the full article