19 September 2017

Make Your Space More Interesting Without Using Pinterest

Whenever you want to add something interesting or creative to a room the first place everyone goes for ideas is Pinterest. I challenge you to spice up at least one room in your home by changing something that is already there without using Pinterest. Try to not dive into a complex crafting or renovating project.Read the full article

07 September 2017

Creating an Atmosphere in Your Home

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words but so is your living space. Every time you walk through a door into a new space during your day you are unconsciously experiencing the atmosphere intended by the designer. For example, other than the food, what is it that you love about your favoriteRead the full article

30 August 2017

Roof Painting in Louisville, KY | Video

We had a client come to us that needed their roof painted. It had slowly accumulated dirt and pollen that had turned the roof brown and was in dire need of some care. We power washed the roof with an oscillating tip, spot primed it and then applied two finishing coats. What was interesting withRead the full article

22 May 2017

Stained Glass For Any Home

Stained glass is beautiful, there’s no denying it. When I hear the phrase stained glass, I immediately think of churches. While stained glass is traditionally used in the house of the Lord, it’s also something that can be a beautiful asset to your house. Here are a few ways you can add the beauty of stainedRead the full article

DIY Headboards

Early on in my marriage I decided I wanted to buy some very high end bedroom furniture. The kind of furniture I could pass down for generations. We found what we wanted in with a Cherry armoire and dresser.  The furniture was large and expensive, so we opted not to get the headboard. Years laterRead the full article

15 May 2017

Sarah Jordan from The Max 102.3 Endorses CertaPro Painters!

Sarah Jordan from The Max 102.3 has a message for anyone that is considering hiring CertaPro Painters, check it out below! Schedule your free, detailed estimate appointment now! Read Our Customer Reviews

09 May 2017

5 Cool Outdoor Living Areas

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors even if it’s your own backyard. An outdoor living area can be a perfect extension of your home for various activities like hosting a dinner party or stargazing with family and friends.  I know, on occasion I like to soak up some rays and sip aRead the full article

On This Mother’s Day, Call Your Mom

Moms are super heroes and children are aware of this fact.  But are their mothers?  Most moms doubt their abilities and do not know how much we appreciate them.  This Mother’s Day, make sure your mom knows how grateful you are for everything she has done and sacrificed for you. Better yet, call your momRead the full article

17 April 2017

Creative Ways to Display Books Without a Bookshelf

Bookshelf, schmookshelf! Who needs one? No really, bookshelves are awesome and make a lot of sense but maybe your library has outgrown the one or two you have. More than likely, if you have this many books you love them and want to take care of them. You're not just going to strew them aboutRead the full article

Cool and Easy Kids Forts

I remember as a kid all I wanted was a playhouse and a my-size electric barbie car. I was obsessed with decorating things and the idea of driving a car. I ended up taking a huge cardboard box left over from something my parents had bought and I turned it into my little sanctuary. I drew windowsRead the full article